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Vicki W
Jamie is a Life Saver! I have gone to Jamie every 2 weeks for many years. I hold all of my stress in my neck and shoulders and she always gets the knots out. She is also very observant of my body, noticing anything that is different than normal that could be a problem. She is awesome!
Diana G
??? ggreat!!
Diana G
Great Great
Leona W
5 stars 5 stars
Lanette M
Jamie Meckel LMT Jamie has always been very helpful and skilled in working out the knots I get so often in my back. She has nearly eliminated the need for the constant chiropractic visits I had to make before I started going to her. She is professional, kind, and effective. I would recommend her to everyone.
Bill / Ellen S
Consistently Awesome! Been seeing Jamie since 2009, she always does a great job!
Mary H
Very knowledgable Jamie knows the body and can feel where the problems are. Give great advice to prevent muscle tightness as well.
Diana G
Massage I love these massages I am getting from Jamie. She is great!
Jamie Meckel,LMT I gave Jamie the highest ratings in all areas
Kathy J
Personable and focused I love how Jamie focuses on my areas of concern and helps alleviate a lot of the stress built up there. She's amazing and personable!
Kay W
5 Stars Recommended to Friends I have already told a couple of friends about my good experience with Jamie
Leona W
5 stars 5 stars
Diana G
Massage Great Massage each time I go. Thanks Jamie.
Greg B
Jaime Meckel, Massage Therapist I have had multiple massages with Jaime. I have tried several massage therapists in the valley and I Jaime is by far the best. Give her a call, you won't be sorry.
Leona W
5 stars Jamie, I so enjoy my massage you do such a good job. I would recommened you for sure. To anyone.
Always Awesome! I've been going to Jamie for a few years now. She knows what my body needs for every appointment and tailors the session to meet the need. I've referred her over and over and will continue to do so!
Dorothy H
Jamie! Best massage ever!
Leona W
I always enjoy my massage My body feels great afterwards
Bill S
Great Work!! Been seeing Jamie for several years now and she always does a fantastic job.
Chronic betterness! Since I have started getting regular massages from Jamie I have had less pain and hardly any flare ups that used to take me out of day to day living. My chronic pain has turned to chronic betterness! :-)
Marleen H
Marlene Hill Jamie it is always a joy to come to see you, and your massages always leave me feeling so much better and relaxed. You are a great girl, and a great friend. You have been helpful to me and I appreciate you very much. Thank you.
Diana G
Massage Great Massage...Loved it. Thanks Jamie.
Marleen H
Old Woman Old body that Jamie manages to make feel better each time I go in for a massage. Good work Jamie. I thoroughtly enjoy your massages. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Seneca H
Tribute to regular massage and to Jamie Since starting having regular massages from Jamie I have had drastically reduced issues with my neck and back--which I have had chronic pain in for years. Thank you!!!
5 Stars Excellentg Jamie has exceptional analytical skills to decipher what is going on in the body and the training to then develop a plan for improving any problem areas. She does not use a "one size fits all" which less skilled therapists use.
Marleen H
Jamie Meckel Jamie, you were super. I so enjoy coming in to see you and visiting with you. I look forward to the next appointment. Marlene Hill